• E-Juice Dispable Pod Series

    All series are from 850 puffs to 5000+puffs, there must be one you want!

  • Crystal Disposable Pod

    -5000+ Puffs

    Mesh Coil
    Airflow adjustable
    OEM available
  • Gear Bar Disposable Pod

    -4000+ Puffs

    4000+ puffs
    Mesh coil
    Airflow adjustable
    650mah with USB-C charging port
  • Cube Disposable Pod

    -2000+ Puffs

    2000+ puffs
    950mah battery
    Wrap & Paint & Glow in Dark for option
    OEM available
  • Pila Disposable Pod

    -1200 Puffs

    1200 puffs
    650mah battery
    21(W) x 113(L)x 11(H)mm
    OEM available
  • Vino Plus Disposable Vape

    -1500 Puffs

    1500 puffs
    1100mah battery
    19(D) x 110(H)mm
    1800 Puffs Version available
    Bottom Airflow Version available
  • Puff Plus Disposable Pod

    -850 Puffs

    850 puffs
    650mah battery
    16(D) x 104(H)mm
    OEM available
  • Bugatti​ Disposable Pod

    -600 Puffs

    600 puffs
    450mah battery
    25(L) x 14.3(W) x 99(H)mm
    OEM available
  • WARNNING: All products listed on this website contain nicotine but do not contain tobacco or anything derived from tobacco. Our products are not intended for use with any tobacco product or any component or part of a tobacco product.